3/4" Wide Nylon Replacement Collar for Multiple Brands of Dog Fence Receivers

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3/4" Wide Nylon Replacement Collar for Dog Guard, Contain-a-Pet, PetSafe, & Perimeter Technologies Brand Dog Fence Receivers

Do you need to replace your dog's nylon collar?  If it's faded, frayed, stained...or you just want a new color - replace it with a new high quality Leather Brothersdurable nylon collar.  These collars are perfectly suited to mount your Dog Fence receiver.  The pre-drilled mounting holes are perfectly sized and spaced to fit the matching receivers exactly.
We carry a wide assortment of colors and sizes to fit all dogs.  You'll find collars to match electronic hidden fence receivers from Invisible Fence Company, Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing, Contain-a-Pet Electronic Pet Fencing, and Petsafe Underground Fence Systems.
Leather Brothersis a well-respected company who has manufactured top quality nylon collars and leads since 1976.  They are one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of collars to fit all Dog Fence receivers.