Hale Wall Model Pet Door Large 11" x 16"

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7.00 LBS
$22.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Hale Pet Door - Wall Model
Eleven (11) standard sizes of Hale Pet Door Wall Models The Wall Model is available in 11 standard sizes or we can make you a custom size door. Please see our sizes page for more information if you need help in choosing the proper size. Please choose a size from the drop down box. The dimensions listed next to each size are for the passage opening the pet would use.  For rough opening and tip to tip frame dimensions, see our sizes page. If you need a custom size door, please see our custom models information page.
Flap Configuration:

Pick the number of flaps you would like on your Wall Model. Standard is double flap.


Our Wall Model comes standard with double flaps for improved insulation and energy efficiency. In some situations (i.e. installing in an interior door) you may choose to install a single flap model.  If you do choose a single flap, it will be installed on the exterior frame of your pet door.

 Frame Color:

 Pick one frame color for your pet door or pick mixed so you can get a different color for the inside and the outside.  Click "details" for a picture of the colors.

Pet Door Frame Colors Available. 

four frame color choices for Hale Pet Wall ModelsArizona Beige -- hard  coat paint, looks like coffee with a couple of creamers added.

Brushed Aluminum -- anodized metal, satin nickel color, looks like the bottom of a Coke can

Dark Bronze -- anodized metal, chocolate brown,  looks almost black in dimmer light

White -- white hard coat paint


Security Cover Load Direction:

Top load is standard or pick a left or right side load direction.  See "details" for a photo of side vs. top load covers.


side load vs top load security cover on a Hale Pet DoorThe security cover comes standard on our models as an interior top load version. On occasion there will be an obstruction above the pet door that prevents the security cover from being raised up far enough to remove. In those instances, we provide an optional side load model.  The picture at the left shows a right side load Wall Model and a top load Wall Model with the covers partially inserted for visibility of the load direction.