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Here at we carry a huge selection of Pet Doors for every application.  Whether you need a Wall Mount Pet Door, a Door Mount Pet Door, or a Pet Door for a Sliding Glass Door we have the application you need.  We carry the Best Premium Brand Pet Doors like Plexidor, Patio Pacific/Endura Flap, and Hale Pet Doors.  We also carry PetSafe, Ideal, and Pet-Tek for the price conscious buyers.  

If you're looking for an Automatic Sliding Glass door, we've got you covered with Auto-Slide.  Automatic Electronic doors are also available from Plexidor and electronic locking doors from PetSafe too.  

We have Sliding Glass Door models from Patio Pacific/Endura Flap, Hale, PetSafe, and Ideal.  And we also have Pet Sashes (Window units) from Patio Pacific/Endura Flap, Hale, and Ideal.  

Need help choosing, call us @ 844-281-7387.  We have been selling and installing Pet Doors since 1997 and we're happy to help you make the right decision for your needs.


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Shop by Brand
Top quality doggie doors by Plexidor, Patio Pacific, Hale, PetSafe, Plexidor and many other popular brands.
Extra Large Pet Doors
Extra large dog doors in this section are in categories according to mounting style: door mount, wall mount, etc. 
Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors
Sliding glass doggie doors are full-size panels as tall as your sliders with a built in dog door. Most are super easy to install.
Large Pet Doors
Large doggie doors come in many styles and price ranges. See our large selection.
Electronic Pet Doors
Electronic doggie doors are collar activated using RFID, magnetic or electro-magnetic technologies.
Medium Pet Doors
Check out all brands and mounting styles of medium size pet doors.

Pet Doors for Walls
Doggie doors for walls offer energy efficiency and more options for choosing a spot for installation in your home. 

Small Pet Doors
A small pet door can offer huge benefits for both you and your dog. 

Pet Doors for Windows (Pet Sashes)
A cat or doggie door for windows usually takes just seconds to install; there's no cutting involved and many models require no tools at all.
Accessories, Parts, & Replacement Flaps
Dog door replacment flaps for PetSafe, Patio Pacific, Hale, & Ideal pet doors.