PetSafe Passport Key

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The PetSafe Passport Key works with the PetSafe Small Passport Pet Access Smart System and the PetSafe Medium Passport Pet Access Smart System. Worn on your pet's collar, the Passport Key uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology by using a unique code to signal the Passport to operate as programmed for your pet. When your pet approaches the Passport, the system reads the unique ID of your pet’s Passport Key and if that number is programmed, the pet door will unlock allowing your pet to enter or exit. If a pet or animal is not programmed to the system, the pet door will remain locked. This allows access to only your programmed pet(s) while helping keep out other pets, wild animals, pests and strays.

The Passport Key Features:

  • Does not require a battery to operate
  • Up to 20 Passport Key accessories can be programmed to the Passport
  • Passport Key Includes:
    • 1 Passport Key
    • 2 Split key rings