Plexidor Extra Large Wall Mount Pet Door

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32.60 LBS
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PlexiDor Extra Large Wall Unit 
Dogs up to 220 lbs.
Silver, White & Bronze Available

The panels on the PlexiDor extra large dog doors are virtually indestructible. Designed to accommodate large dogs up to 220 lbs that like to chew, the dog door panels are manufactured using a solid 3/8 inch thick sheet of shatter resistant acrylic. They are also equipped with a factory installed chew proof aluminum trim around all four edges.

This dog door is made for large dogs, but the panels still swing open so easily that smaller pets can open the doggie door without problems. The panels are self-closing and seal tight, keeping weather outside and saving on the heating and cooling bill.

The Plexidor® wall model can be used in any type wall, 2X4, 2X6 studs, standard size up to 12” thick (up to 24” contact us). doors-size-chart.jpg
  • Secure – Doors have key locks for daily use and a separate metal security plate that can only be unscrewed and removed from inside your home for additional security.
  • Safe and Easy To Use for all Pets – See-thru shatter-resistant acrylic panels open smoothly and quietly both ways with a gentle push like a café style house door and close automatically without banging. Unique twin panels need only light pressure to open them, so large and small pets can use the same door.
  • Energy-Efficient See-Thru Panels – The panels are molded to form a duo ‘Thermo pane’ effect for excellent insulation, and edged with snug fitting, high-density, nylon pile weather seal to provide superior draft-proofing, ideal for extreme climates. Size XL is a solid 3/8″ thick sheet of acrylic.
  • Heavy-Duty Frames – Anodized aluminum won’t rust, crack or warp. Attractive satin finish or baked on white, brown or designer colors.
  • This PlexiDor® model can be used on doors up to 1 3/4″ thick. Included with the purchase: pet door with lock, security plate, and exterior trim pieces.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: See-thru acrylic panels open smoothly both ways with a gentle push.
  • TWO-WAY SELF-CLOSING: Panels close automatically when pet has gone through. Mechanism is concealed within the main frame of the dog door.