Ten Pack Dog Fence Batteries for Invisible Fence R21 & MicroLite Receiver Collars

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These are  aftermarket 3.0 volt replacements for the Invisible Fence brand Powercap dog fence battery.  They are compatible with all Invisible Fence Brand R21, R22, R51, or MicroLite electric dog fence receiver collars.  All series are compatible, including Titanium, Platinum, Graphite, and Mink versions.  We guarantee our replacement dog fence batteries will provide stable power which will last just as long as the overpriced Powercap invisible fence batteries from your local Invisible Fence dealer.
Each year, we sell more than 15,000 of these dog fence batteries with many repeat customers all over the United States.  They perform at least as well as Invisible Fence brand Powercaps and will not affect the warranty on your Invisible Fence brand dog fence collars.
Why are these batteries so good?  The design was personally approved by the former Chief Engineer at Invisible Fence Company - the same person who designed the original PowerCap himself.  Additionally, they are built under his direct supervision in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania.  That's right - they're NOT made in China, like Invisible Fence by Petsafe.